I'm Dr. Toby Angstmann

A leading Melbourne based specialist in fertility, gynaecology, and obstetrics. I believe in complementary approaches and forming therapeutic partnerships with patients and allied health specialists. I help my patients take control of their reproductive health choices.Get in touch

Whether you are experiencing fertility issues for the first time or having secondary infertility it can be comforting to have a fertility expert on your side. I offer a range of fertility options aimed at investigating and addressing barriers to conception. The important thing is to begin.

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Maintaining good reproductive health is important. That’s why I’m committed to ensuring my patients receive quality advanced gynaecological care. If you are experiencing reproductive health issues be sure to seek a GP referral to see me and together we can discuss your options.

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Having a highly skilled specialist obstetrician to guide and support you through your pregnancy journey can be very reassuring. I believe a caring, accessible, and well-informed approach is an ideal way to welcome a new baby.

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Helping you achieve your best in reproductive health.

Consulting across two convenient locations, North Melbourne and Malvern.

As a parent and leading reproductive health specialist, I’m passionate about helping others achieve their fertility aspirations. If you are trying for a baby and struggling to conceive it might be time to explore the barriers to your success.

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